Frequently Asked Questions

Q. - Can you turn the electro-luminescent image on and off at any given time?
A. - Yes, each unit comes equipped with an inverter which has an interrupter to turn it On and Off.

Q. - What’s the approximate lifetime of each image?
A. - From 15000 to 25000 hours based on use.

Q. - Have the images been put through different tests? And if so, what tests?
A. - Yes, they’ve been put through different tests on their
resistance to temperature, humidity, and their resistance to being bent. Their luminosity as well as other aspects have been tested as well.

Q. - What type of energy does it need to be used?
A. - You can use A/C 110-120 V o DC (batteries) in the
smallest size.

Q. - Do the images that are battery operable come with the
batteries included?
A. - No.

Q. - Do they consume a lot of energy?
A. - No, this type of illumination only uses about 0.2 mA/cm²

Q. - What does each image contain?
A. - They all contain the EL panel (the image), the inverter and
the adaptor.

Q. - How much does it cost?
A. - The price depends on the size of the image and the quantity
you buy it in. Please contact us for more information.


Technical Information

Material: Multi-Laminated
Brightness: Min 100 CD/m²
Approximate life: 15000 – 25000 hours
Safety: Doesn’t emit ultraviolet radiation
Temperature for Storage: -40ºF to 185ºF
Temperatures from: -22ºF to 158ºF
Humidity: 0% ~ 90%
Weight of each image: 0.029 Oz/cm²
Thickness: 0.2~0.4 mm