The Electro-Luminescent images are essentially light bulbs, a flat light. The light bulb consists of conductive layers, non-conductive layers, and plastic phosphorous layers. The phosphorous is laminated in between two conductive layers and the voltage is applicated in between the layers so that the phosphorous emits luminescent energy.

The voltage is administered by an inverter which can be powered by an adaptor connected to alternative electric current or in small sizes also by batteries.

The animations are produced by the composition of various panels connected to an inverter by an electronic chip.

The average sizes for the images are as follows:
A : 5” x 7” = 12.70 cm X 17.78 cm
B : 8” X 10” = 20.32 cm X 25.40 cm
C : 11” X 14” = 27.94 cm X 35.56 cm
This corresponds with standard frame-able sizes.

In our webpage of other products, the size of the image may vary depending on the design or the idea, no matter the size (from a business card to any sign).



  • Absolutely innovative on the Religious Items market.
  • Exceptional Quality.
  • Reasonable price.
  • New alternative to illuminate our Religious Images.
  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency.
  • Decoratively and visually appealing whether they’re turned on or off.
  • Strikingly light-weight.
  • The images don’t emit heat.
  • They help conserve the environment.
  • No RFI (radio interference)
  • You can frame them or place a transparent cover on each image. The image can be put in a flat or curved manner since it is flexible and does not produce heat.
  • Vibration and impact-resistant.
  • Remarkably thin.
  • 100% free of maintenance.
  • Minimal possibility of damage during delivery.
  • The guarantee covers the electronic damage (it doesn’t cover damages caused by ill-use or by humidity).

Larger Image.